• ReplicatorActivity and StateMachine Workflows in MOSS

    It's somewhat frustrating that there isn't any real POC on how the ReplicatorActivity can be used in StateMachine workflows in MOSS/WSS, not even from anyone in the SharePoint team at Microsoft. Frederick Morrison (see comments timestamped November 7, 2007 6:18 PM) even offered $500 to anyone who can provide a real sample on the subject.

    Anyway, we'll keep pushing forward and hope something useful comes out of the mills soon.


  1. Anonymous says:

    ReplicatorActivity in State machine was removed around July 2006 between WWF RC3 to RC5. I don't remember ever seeing an RC4?

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi, I tell may problem because I read taht you now abut replicaton activity.

    I have a replicator activity en may secuaencial workflow, it work fine when the replicator have only one user, in this case the workflow start an finish correctly.

    But the problem is when the replicator activity have two user to replicate. In this case the replicator create the task to the first user and execute complety the task code for de second user. the problem is in this case de I see the first task crate but de workflow take a error state.

    Are you have eny comment?
    thank and please sorry my english but it is not my first language.

    my email: